Welcome to Bradshaw Educational Resources, LLC (BER). One of BER's primary services is to partner with organizations, public, private and charter schools nationally and internationally to successfully meet organization goals, empower students and teachers with solutions that inspire learning. When you partner with Bradshaw Educational Resources we assist you in the selection of programs and resources that best suit your specific needs and may even generate additional (unrestricted) revenue to better serve your students, while fostering friendship and acculturation through educational experiences.

Public, Private and Charter Schools...
Start your own Online Independent Study Programs TODAY!

Is your school plagued with low attendance, low test scores, and low graduation rates? I
nterested in developing your own Independent Studies Program for your students that fall in the following groups: Saturday School, Continuation, Independent Study, Home/Hospital, Pregnant Teens, and Community Day? Are you not able to offer enrichment courses to your high achievers because of cutbacks?  Do you need credit recovery and/or remediation?

International Partners

BER provides partnerships for public, private and charter schools, districts and organiations interested in Intrnational Studies and exchanges, Acculturation student and educator visits and works toward fostering lifetime friendships through awesome educational experiences. California currently educates 25% of the 60,000+ Chinese students in the United States seeking high school diplomas and credits and college degrees. While STEM education is the hottest current interest in education, International Education will soon rise to the forefront. Bradshaw Educational Resources, LLC is looking for partner schools in the US who will host Chinese students who want to learn English while visiting the States. Contact us today!

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