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Welcome to Bradshaw Educational Resources, LLC (BER). One of BER's primary services is to partner with educational organizations to work with them to successfully meet their goals, empower administration and teachers with solutions that inspire better teaching that ultimately fosters better learning. We specialize in:
  1. Teaching test prep classes (High School Entrance Exam, CSTs, CAHSEE, etc.)
  2. Implementation of testing and assessments (CELDT, CAASPP (CSTs, CAPA, CMA, STS), Smarter Balance Testing)
  3. Professional developments (Classroom Strategies, Using Data to Guide Instruction, etc.)
  4. The creation of documentation required for State reporting (SARC, SPARC, WASC, CALPADS, CARS, etc.)
  5. Gathering and dis-aggregation of data for district and county reports (20-Day, P1, P2, End of Year Report)

When you partner with Bradshaw Educational Resources we assist you in the selection of programs and resources that best suit your specific needs to better serve your students.

Amazing Graces Etiquette Trainings...
Amazing Graces provides trainings in etiquette, social graces and leadership skills to girls of all ages through the following:
  • 45-minute small-group trainings for girls in early childhood (ages 3-6) that focuses primarily on Basic Manners, Common Courtesies and Eating Behaviors.
  • 45-minute small-group trainings for girls in elementary school (grades 3-5) that focuses primarily on Basic Manners, Common Courtesies, Eating Behaviors, Work Ethics and Social Skills.
  • 60-minute small group trainings for middle school girls (grades 6-8) that focus primarily on First Impressions, Common Courtesies, Communication Skills, Leadership Skills and Dining Behaviors.
  • 90-minute small group trainings for girls in high school (grades 9-11) that focus primarily on First Impressions & Making Them Last, Creating Routines, Leadership Skills, Test-taking Strategies, Protection on the Internet, Concert-Mall-Telephone & Movie Manners, and Dining-Party & Prom Etiquette.
  • While high school senior girls aspire to enter college and careers, Amazing Graces provides 60-minute trainings on Appropriate use of Technology (Face Time vs. Screen Time), Digital Decorum, Entering New Environments, The Interview Process and The First Day on the Job or on Campus!
For more information on Amazing Graces...click here!

...introducing Amazing Graces Etiquette Trainings

out of Elise's Tea Room in Bixby Knolls (Long Beach, CA)


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